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The currency is the Ngultrum and is nearly equivalent to the Indian Rupee. The only credit card accepted at shops (limited shops) is Visa. The national language of Bhutan is Dzongkha but English is also an official language. Bhutan's national sport is archery and all villages have their competition. Characteristic of the building in this region is a type of fortress known as the dzong. The Dzong acts as the administrative building. They act as the religious and secular administration for each district. For men the national dress is the Gho and the Kira for women. Younger generations have picked up the international dress code of Jeans and T Shirt. Generally the fabrics used range from simple cotton checks and stripes to the most intricate designs in woven silk, bright and colorful. The National Post Office is an institute by itself where famous stamps are in display. It is one of the delights for stamp collector. Bhutan is the first country to diversify and export quality stamps.



The division of Bhutan are similar to any other country, Bhutan is divided into four dzongdey or administrative zones. Each dzongdey is further divided into dzongkhag or the districts. There are a total of twenty dzongkhag in Bhutan. Large dzongkhag are further divided into sub districts known as dungkhag. Buddhism is always the state religion and plays an important part in the national politics.

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